Kitsuki Yasu

Kitsuki Daimyo


A stern man in his middle 20s. His head is shaved, with tattoos that are inked openly upon his skin. He is known for being abrupt and very logical.


A man born well into his position, as a younger man he spent much time in the imperial courts. However times for him there were very tense. He often had a habit of being far to blunt and out spoken when he saw others abuse their positions.

This tension often mounted into duels, which Yasu excelled at. His reputation with the blade gained him a very feared reputation, but eventually his rivals learned how to deal with him. They suggested a promotion within the ranks of the Emerald Magistrates.

Yasu execelled at his work, and after the Scorpion Clan Coup, his father retired and gave the position of Kitsuki Daimyo to his son.

During the Clan Wars, Yasu aided Toturi’s Armies and helped to keep many of the more lax Ronin in line and from saving the lands they were trying to protect.

Since returning home, the Kitsuki Daimyo has been setting his house in order.

Kitsuki Yasu

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