Kitsuki Rokuro

Well kept curious courtier merchant


160 pounds
Black hair kept short and well styled. He boasts no facial hair and his pleasent smile makes him appear more youthful then he truly is. His clothing are always simple but obviously well made and well tailored. The greens and gold are slightly more muted then most to not draw attention away from his bright green eyes that seem to take in more then they seem.


1. What clan does your character belong to?
Dragon Clan

2. What family does your character belong to?

3. Is your character a bushi, a shugenja, or a courtier?

4. How would others describe your character’s appearance?
He is a collected clean cut and pleasant seeming individual. His most distinguishing feature are his green eyes, they seem to always be searching for something and taking note of his surroundings. Despite this he never seems distracted like he is taking in the entire world around him at any given time.

5. What is your character’s primary motivation?
Expand the standing of family and clan within the realm through available honorable means.

6. Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
His mother Kitsuki Akiko she also reveres thier ancestor and taught him in the ways of this worships.

7. What is your character’s greatest strength and weakness?
His greatest strength is his ability to spot a falsehood, when uttered. His greatest weakness is his disdain for liars on a matter of principle, even if a lie is the safest and most productive way to resolve a situation he will despise it.

8. What does your character think of Bushido?
Although all samurai pay homage to the code, most Clans and families revere certain tenets over others. Which does the character consider the most important and which does he consider inconsequential? Do his views differ from those of his Clan?

9. What is your character’s opinion of his clan?
His view of clan is rather well, he sees that they may be to patient yet he respects them for there grasp on the strength and belief in insight and evidence and truth.

10. Is your character married?
He is currently single.

11. Does your character have any prejudices?
He does not appriciate those whom lie, but understand for society to function slight falsehoods of manners must exist, though he frowns on such practices and prefers the truth and logic to move society. He also cannot stand those with greed as there goal in life, or those whom treat there servants poorly.

12. To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
The Emperor (when there is one) the Governor especially in light of the promotion to treasurer he is also quite loyal to all those he considers his subordinates as he believes how one treats those below him shows character

13. What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things?
He least appreciates Greed seeing it as counter productive to commerce. His favorite thing is being able to indulge from time to time in the rewards of the hard work and store management. Food being first amongst his favorite things to partake in.

14. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
Since everyone tends to act according to the same protocol and etiquette, minor and inoffensive details of behavior tend to get noticed more frequently. Does the character chew his lip when he is nervous? Perhaps he has a unique greeting that he prefers to use. What does he do with his hands when nothing is going on?

15. What about your character’s emotions?
A true samurai is not supposed to show emotion, but no one is completely disciplined at all times, and everyone demonstrates some degree of emotion at one point or another. What emotion is the character most likely to display when the circumstances arise? What are the things that push him to the edge most easily, and which emotions are easiest for him to hold in check?

16. How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
The punishment will always fits the crime in terms of severity, both in terms of cost as well as shame in accordance with traditional law, he is however more severe with theft of goods and fraud as a merchant he sees both more as an affront to the clan and families honor.

17. How would your character’s parents describe him?
His family relationship is quite strong. His mother in particular shares an incredibly strong bond with him due to there communal ancestor worship (and blessing)

18. What is your character’s highest ambition?
He wishes to know all within court and use his knowledge to benefit his clan and himself as well as demonstrate the benefits of mercantilism for the good of the clan.

19. How religious is your character?
He reveres his family ancestors and is rather devout in his beliefs on this matter, that aside he has faith but isn’t the strongest observer

20. How will your character die?
Most likely in a duel when he calls out someones lies in a rather analytical, logical and unflattering manner.

Kitsuki Rokuro

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