Kitsuki Gyousou

Lady of Deep Well Keep


A tender looking woman, with worry in her eyes and a pensive look on her face. She wears strips of paper with prayers in her hair and dangling off strings of her fingers.

Oversees from Three Stones.


The lady of Deep Well Keep holds some of the original hot springs of the Dragon Clan, although not used for recreation, this keep never succumbed to the coldest periods of winter, and thus was a major staging grounds in wars past. In times since, the keep has been a favored place for guests of the Dragon Clan to enjoy the hot springs.

This also is one of the few sites that you can fish from the underground rivers.

The lady of the keep has always been a welcoming soul, and her keep has been in her family since the beginning. However she has become more pensive as time has gone on.

Gyousou has a single unit of samurai who follower her direction.

Kitsuki Gyousou

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