Isawa Hochiu

Elemental Master of Fire


A thin youth with a simply braid in his hair, with features that make him look far too long. He carries a diasho set and has the confident smile of someone who feels absolutely in control.


Hochiu is the son of Isawa Tsuke and cousin of Shiba Ningen. Hochiu could claim kinship with the proud line of the Centipede Moshi Hotaru.

After his gempukku Hochiu gained admission to the elite tensai school.

When Hochiu heard of the evil deeds committed by his father, he swore he would never follow such a path and would instead be a hero for Rokugan. For every great deed of heroism Hochiu would perform, he would temper it with an equal display of compassion and understanding, cultivating the mercy within his soul that he knew his father ultimately lacked.

After a year of service with the Firestorm Legion, Naka Kuro appointed him as the Elemental Master of Fire, at age 12 in 1133.

Isawa Hochiu

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