Ikoma Tsanuri

Regent of the Lion Clan


A lithe woman, with a bright smile and calm eyes. She has the brilliance of an Akodo in her eyes, the charisma of the Ikoma and the fierceness of the Matsu. She keeps her hair shoulder length, and loose, which is out of place for her samurai birth. She wears the ancestral blade of the Lion, and wears cloths or armor befitting of her station.


Born under pronominal circumstances, the young Tsanuri excelled under ever aspect of her life. There is a story that as a child, when her family was living among the Unicorn, that she went missing for a full day and night. When they searched for her, they found her in the fields, where she had trod upon a viper, and she stood on top of it’s neck, unable to move least it bite her. She gained the name, little viper – of Tsanuri.

When she was growing to the age of undergoing the training to become a samurai, they placed a fan before her, a mask and a scroll, letting her choose her path. She instead stood up and talked to a man standing in the shadows, taking his hand. It was Akodo Toturi. Her father made an out rage of this, and shamed himself. In the end, his daughter helped him regain composure and he gave his consent, feeling he had failed her, then killed himself for his shame.

Tsanuri was trained by Toturi, and by his great teacher, Akodo Kage, where she once more excelled at every skill set before her. When Toturi was called back and made Champion of the Lion, she noticed strife within the Lion, as the Matsu resented Toturi’s rule. She then asked to trian under them, and head off the growing tension. Tsanuri became the Matsu Daimyo’s favored student.

She fought against the Crane before the Scorpion Coup, and was alter in the Capital and fought free to join the Lion forces during the Coup. When her friend and mentor Toturi was shamed and became ronin, she took it upon herself to try and redeem his shame by killing him in honorable combat. During the Clan Wars she was a constant foil to Toturi. When the Crab managed to invade the capital, the Lion were able to turn the treacherous Crab back.

When the Lion returned form the capital, the Lion were divided. The darkness and plague were wild in the Capital, and the Emperor grew stronger from it by the day. It became obvious that Fu Leng had taken their Emperor, and the Lion were caught between their oaths. Many decried that they would not serve Fu Leng, others felt that they could not break their oaths to the Emperor, regardless of who it was. Tsanuri was the most out spoken and sided with serving the Emperor.

When the Matsu Champion killed herself in shame of letting the Emperor become Fu Leng, Tsanuri took command of the loyalist Lions. On the Second Day of Thunder, the Lion marched against the Lion, and Tsanuri watched as her kinsmen’s blood was spilled, while Yogo Junzo’s Armies watched from the battlements of the Capital laughing. When Toturi appeared on the battle field, riding between the two factions of Lion, he called for them to fight for Rokugan and for their dead Champion. The Lion, shamed on both sides followed Toturi’s call and found redemption that day. Tsanuri killed the horror known as Hida Amoro in the battle that followed.

When Toturi died on the Second Day of Thunder, the Lion looked to Toturi’s Student to lead the Clan. She accepted the regency for the Lion Clan, feeling that the Champion will show themselves in time.

She is not a skilled governor, but an amazing general and tactition. However, is she approaches her governorship like she has handled every other skill, greatness will follow.

Ikoma Tsanuri

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