Hitomi Kagetora

Reversed Sensei of the Hoshi


A man of uncertain age, with a slight and dark haired fu-manchu. He favors long robes, and has a number of mystical tattoos that cover his body, inked by Togashi and Hoshi. He carries a daisho, showing his noble heritage still is carried by him.


Little is known of Kagetora before he appeared in the Dragon Mountains 7 years before the Scorpion Clan Coup, but given his spiritual understanding many suspect he was a part of the Brotherhood or a very devote Mirumoto.

During his time, he has seen his Champion Fall, and Togashi’s son take his place on the throne. All during which he was a sensei, teaching others of the philosophies of the Dragon and the spirituality of the teachings of Shinsei. Yet, he has expressed that he feels still uncertain of his place in the universe.

When Hoshi took up his mantle, he took the name Hoshi, to show his devotion.

Hitomi Kagetora

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