Hiruma Yoshi

Hiruma Family Daimyo (7/6)


An old and hard man, with sage wisdom and much regret.


Hiruma Yoshi was the father of Hiruma Kage and daimyo of the Hiruma family. Yoshi retired early, relinquishing the position to Kage. He became an advisor for his son and Hida Kisada.

During the Clan Wars, he often advised his Champion, who sought his advice often to abandon his straggly with the use of the Shadowlands, and it is his continued advice that perhaps was the key to the fact that not all of the Clan was consumed by the corruption of the Shadowlands in the end.

When his son, Kage, was slain on the Second Day of Thunder, Yoshi came out of retirement and took up the mantle of Hiruma daimyo once more. Since the Clan Wars ended, he has been advising and aiding Hida O-Ushi.

Hiruma Yoshi

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