Doji Reju

Chui of the Crane Army


A man in his middle years, his closely cropped hair is a shocking white and his eyes sky blue. His right arm ends in a stump, which is artfully covered with bandages of blue and silver. He wears the finery of the Crane, but carries himself as a military man.

He now has a metal and porcelain arm, built by Agasha Nyokazu, meant to replaced his lost hand. Now, with his new hand, his skill with a blade is paramount by very few.


A gifted man, Reju is a Topaz Champion, showing his distinction early.

Reju’s talent was noticed and he was given a position of command in the Imperial Legion. This position would later turn to ash in his mouth when his unit that was ordered to hunt down and slay all Scorpion who did not obey the Emperor in disbanding. He burned down the famed city of Ryoko Owari Toshi, otherwise known as the City of Lies. Orders that be publicly stated his regret that his Emperor would not show mercy to those he thought were innocent of any wrong doing.

During the Clan Wars he was gravely wounded, loosing his sword hand, and was near death when the wars were drawing to a close. FortunatelyMirumoto Hitomi found him, and saved the commander. Being gifted with the blade and under Hitomi’s guidance, he was able to recover quickly and is now just as skilled with his opposite hand as he is his lost good hand.

Since the fall of the Emperor, and with no Emerald Magistrate to command the Imperial Legions, he has returned to his Clan to assist in the rebuilding of the Crane military. He has gained a very high position there as well, and has come to the Dragon Clan in their winter court to promote a stringer alliance it seems.

He has since come to the Dragon lands, trying to help Agasha Nyokazu craft an item to aid Mirumoto Hitomi.

Doji Reju

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