Bayushi Aramoro

Clan Champion of the Scorpion and 'The Whisper of Steel'


Few have ever seen the Whisper of steel, without his mask. But he is said to be handsome. Those who have seen him, saw he is a figure out shadow wearing a simple cloth mask of red.


Little is known of the brother of Shoju, however during the banishment of his Clan he remained as a wriath like figure at the side of Bayushi Kachiko. During the Second Day of Thunder, he led the Scorpion Clan forces against the Shadowlands and along side the allied forces of Rokugan.

Since the death of Kachiko, he had led the Clan in secret, however, those who have allied with the Scorpion have come to know of the name of the presence behind the former great clan. His ambition is to see the Scorpion return, but for now he have maneuvered his Clan to thrive in the shadows and use others as masks.

Bayushi Aramoro

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