Agasha Tamori

Daimyo of the Agasha


A short quiet man, with owlish eyebrows. He had a number of dark tattoos, and often if found with smudges of ink and burdened with scroll cases.


An intense man of study, research and hording knowledge, Tamori is a very intelligent man. He has studied from the depths of the Togashi vaults, to the libraries that were housed in Kyuden Isawa. He trained with Togashi Kami and with the former Master of Void.

He has writer many hypothesis’s and increased the wealth of knowledge of the Agasha Libraries by expending it two more levels. His alchemical experiments have even begun to give rise to a new school of thought, these students call themselves ‘the Tamori.’

When the Clan Wars broke, Tamori did all that he could to try and bring the wars to an end swiftly, for such a large scale war had never been seen in the Empire since its inception. Tamori worried that the libraries and stores of information would be destroyed so he led his family forth to preserve as much of that knowledge as possible.

Since the Clan Wars close, Tamori has turned his student’s talents towards healing the lands and helping to preserve as much of what was lost.

Agasha Tamori

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