Agasha Shu

Lord of the Ember Spires


A spare man with a calculating look in his eyes. He favors red colors, and has a smell of chemicals about him.

He resides within Descending Village.


The Lord of the Ember Spires, controls three towers that had survived the earth quakes form long ago. The towers are high up the mountain, and were deemed unfit ages ago. However, the Agasha family saw a use of them. Ages ago the ancestors of Lord Shu came and used their magics and craftsmanship to repair the spires, and took up residence with the Kitsuki’s blessings. Supposedly the spires were near a great elemental resource that the Agasha wished to study, and it’s remote location has allowed the Agasha to work with little interruption. They have enough resources to allow the towers to work with little need to venture beyond their mountain passes.

Lord Shu controls a unit of bushi at his command, and a few shugenja who are his apprentices.

Father of Agasha Kusaba.

Agasha Shu

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