Togashi Ryouichi

Dragon Clan Shugenja and Monk of the Togashi family and school.


Although in his early twenties like the rest of the council of Toi Koku- Kyuden Void Dragon, he appears to be significantly older by at least a decade or so. The man is covered in burns scars from head to toe that while they have received a great amount of treatment and are reduced immensely from when they were received they still have left behind a countenance that disconcerts many folks.

On his chest he openly bears the tattoo for the Void Kanji and on his back he openly displays a Pheonix Tattoo encircled within its own burning wings.

He is the current bearer of the blade Hunger and a crystal Daisho.

Can occasionally be seen with a wooden brace and pauldron to accomodate his Saker Falcon, Miku.


Togashi Ryouichi

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