Agasha Jiku

Lady of the Spire of the Shimmering Ryu


A beautiful woman with green eyes, favoring the tattoos of the Dragon and their loose clothes. Her tattoos are those of a dragons that spirals from wrist to shoulder, with their heads meeting under her shoulders. She wears ribbons in her hair, and carries a full diasho set.

Rules Minor Fall Mines.


The young lord has taken control of her ancestral homes, for now that the war is over both of her parents have gone to Shiro Agasha to aid their clan more fully, giving her the responsibilities of fulfilling her family’s duties.

She has taken her modest holding, and begun some expansion, aided by her magics. The Spire of the Shimmering Ryu, which was a slender tower with a golden dragon painted along it’s length is now slowly transforming into a true stone dragon, and the base of the tower is expanding some as well into more developed buildings.

The population though of the town was hard hit with a snap freeze that destroyed it’s crops, and all construction on the tower ceased as the new lord even toiled in the fields to try and give it rebirth. A meager amount of food seemed to be destined for the town, but given the great harvest, the lord, her men and her towns folk have finally begun to rest easier.

The Spire of the Shimmering Ryu is a modest holding at best, as the original structures became too militant as they fended for the valuable vines of gold. As such, she commands a unit of samurai.

Agasha Jiku

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