Agasha Heizo

Revered Sensei of the Agasha


Heizo could easily be mistaken for a togashi, shaved head, red tattoos dedicated to the fire kami, and loose robes that show his flesh. His most distinctive tattoos create a mask around his eyes, looking like living flame.


Heizo spent one summer in the Phoenix lands, student to the Master of Fire, Isawa Tsuke himself. The two held detailed correspondence throughout Heizo’s training, and it was instrumental to master a deadly ability with the Fire magic. Heizo maintained firm control over the destructive magics he wielded, with a clearer grasp of his duties and a knowledge of his own limit.

After the Scorpion Clan Coup, Heizo had seen the horror of wars, and retreated into the Dragon Mountains and remained there as a teacher. Since that time, he has remained a man of peace and taught and refined many Fire shugenja, as he directs them towards paths of creation rather then destruction.

Agasha Heizo

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