Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

Year 1143 (late summer) to Year 1145

Chapter 4: The Center Will Not Hold

Year 1143

  • The Dragon and Pheonix skirmish over the death of Naka Kuro. The Phoenix, still struggling to recover from their gruesome losses in the Clan Wars, are caught off-guard and their outlying mountain territories – including the Shrine of the Ki-Rin and the Shrine of Jurojin – are overrun and taken by Mirumoto Junnosuke. Asako Toshi the new Asako Diamyo is slain during the taking of the Shrine of the Ki-Rin.
  • The Naga remaining awake sense the destruction of the Kazaq, travel across the Empire (leading to a number of incidental clashes with local Rokugani forces) and assail the Dragon lands. Along the way, Togashi Mitsu and many of the Togashi and Hoshi order unite with the Naga. Their assault on the Dragon forces Hitomi to re-allocate many of her troops from the Phoenix lands to defend her southern border. The Naga attack cuts off the Dragon from the Dragonfly Clan and closes the main passes into the Dragon Mountains, threatening the Dragon lands with starvation. This allows the Phoenix to rally and even to retake some of their lost territory.
  • Lion Champion Ikoma Tsanuri proclaims the time has come for the Lion to resolve their longstanding grudge against the Dragonfly Clan. Despite protests from the Miya and the Crane, the Lion armies invade the Dragonfly territory in full strength, completely overrunning them and razing their settlements to the ground. Most of the Dragonfly are killed, with only a few score managing to escape and scatter across the Empire.
  • Matsu Agetoki takes a portion of his forces to assault the Phoenix, but becomes lost in the Dragon Mountains. His forces instead find and assault a band of anarchists called the Kolat, and destroy their hidden dojo. Through out the Empire, a number of samurai are found dead with the moniker of kolat left near their remains.
  • After several years of planning, Shinjo Yokatsu, the lord of the Unicorn Clan, decides the time has The Unicorn suffered the least damage of any of the Great Clans during the Clan Wars, their armies are nearly at full strength. The Unicorn armies march on Otosan Uchi, advancing up the south bank of the Drowned Merchant River into Lion territories, and Yokatsu officially proclaims his intention to become Emperor. The Crab and Mantis offer Yokatsu political and economic support, as do the covert Scorpion (in return for a promise to drive the Lion out of their lands and return Ryoko Owari to Scorpion rule).
  • The Legion of the Wolf, based out of Nanashi Mura, is forced to flee to Phoenix lands when Lion troops, lead by Matsu Ferishi, arrive and burn the village to the ground.
  • Ikoma Tsanuri, determined not to let a “barbarian” take the Throne, marches the Lion armies to confront the Unicorn. The two clans wage a lengthy campaign with several large battles. The Lion receive modest non-military support from the Crane and Phoenix. For a time it appears the Unicorn will win through, but the Lion finally pin down their main force at the Battle of Three Hills. The battle inflicts grievous casualties on both sides, and Tsanuri is killed, but afterward the Unicorn are too weak to advance further and have no choice but to withdraw.
  • The Togashi and Hoshi families break away from the Naga, so unnerved at the sight of their former family dying so readily. Shortly after Lady Hitomi disappears form the High House of Light.

Year 1144

  • During the winter, the Broken Shinbone Tribe joins the Dragon in their assault against the Naga, and assault them throughout the bitter snow clogged winter storms.
  • Kitsu Motso becomes the Lion Clan Champion until the child of Matsu Ketsui, the heir to Matsu Koetsu, can come fully of age. Motso declares the Lion will not rest until the Unicorn and all their supporters are punished for Yokatsu’s “treachery.” Ikoma Sume becomes Kitsu Motso’s hatamoto and Ikoma Daimyo.
  • Lady Hitomi seeks out Togashi Mitsu and Togashi Hoshi, seeking to unite the Orders of the Dragon into The Three Orders. After a tense conversation, Hoshi bows to Hitomi, and Mitsu bows hesitantly.
  • The non-stop aggression of the Lion prompts increasing pressure within the Crane Clan to abrogate their treaty with the Lion. Doji Kuwanan resists such urging, arguing the Crane armies have not yet properly recovered from the Clan Wars.
  • The Naga, heavily outnumbered and without allies, are finally defeated and driven away by the Dragon forces. They flee back to the Shinomen Forest, abandoning all remaining contact with the world of mortal men.
  • Togashi Hoshi gives his son to the Three Orders to be raised and cared for.
  • During the winter, Lady Hitomi is wed to Doji Reju, and before the year ends, she is with child.

Year 1145

  • The Brokenshin Bone are recognized for their efforts and given land officially within the Dragon territory, as well as a duty.
  • Summer has come to Tio Koku with a new generation on the rise…


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