Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

Year 1134 to Year 1143

Nine Years of Peace


  • Facing an ongoing food shortfall, the Lion Clan moves troops through Beiden Pass and seizes control of much of the central Scorpion lands from the Mantis Clan. The Mantis are forced back into the Southern Scorpion territory and the neighboring lands of the Wasp Clan. The Scorpion, who have been quietly ruling much of their territory without officially revealing themselves, undertake a campaign of sabotage and assassination against the Lion forces, and initiate covert contacts with the Unicorn, the Dragon, and the Crab, seeking alliance against the Lion.
  • Yoritomo’s Alliance fractures and breaks apart.
  • The fallen shugenja Kuni Yori emerges from the Shadowlands at the head of an army of undead. He assails the Kaiu Wall, but thanks to Kisada’s preparations the attack is completely repulsed. Hiruma Kage, aging daimyo of the Hiruma, confronts and kills Yori, but is badly Tainted in the process; he commits seppuku soon after rather than allow the Taint to consume him.
  • Lady Doji appears to Doji Yasuyo in a dream, setting her on a path to ending the curse of Chukandomo. She meets the mujina Fuhao, who leads her to the kenku Kozue. Kozue takes Yasuyo toChikushudo, where they begin her training.
  • As Yoritomo’s piracy begins to take a serious toll on the Empire’s shipping, the Crab and Phoenix form a temporary alliance to further strengthen their navies, and officially proclaims the Moshi and Tsuruchi as members of the greater Mantis Clan, and claims their territories. The few allies the Mantis have left recognize this claim, although their enemies persist in claims are illegitimate.
  • Agasha Nyokazu reads the Celestial Agonies and becomes tainted by the Nothing.

Year 1135

  • Hiruma Nikako becomes Hiruma Daimyo
  • With the Lying Darkness’s Avatar destroyed utterly, the Dragon’s withdrawal from the Empire is almost complete, save for the city of Tio Koku being the sole exception which feeds the Dragon. No pilgrims or visitors are being allowed into the Dragon’s territory.

Year 1136

  • Tonbo Suzume embarks on a long journey to try and discover magic that might wound the Lying Darkness should it ever come about again. Coming along with her is Ikoma Kiobito, wishing to be by her side. This action alienates the Matsu family who see Suzume’s actions as insulting.

Year 1137

  • Asako Toshi becomes the Asako family daimyo.

Year 1138

  • The Castle within Tio Koku is completed, and a grand celebration is held.

Year 1139

  • The growing scale of anti-Lion sabotage in the occupied Scorpion lands leads to a series of vicious reprisals from frustrated local Lion commanders. The Miya family, whose lands are adjacent to the violence-torn Scorpion territories, tries to intervene and mitigate the violence; although the Lion still offer respect to the Miya, they prove increasingly unwilling to defer to their authority.

Year 1140

  • Miya Hatori is granted the post of caretaker of the Imperial Histories.

Year 1141

  • Shinjo Shirasu and all of the Emerald Magistrates assaults a long forgotten temple, discovering it to be a major bastion of a Blood Speaker cult. Shirasu and many of his followers falls during the strike, but the Temple of Blood is destroyed and it cult routed. The few Emerald Magistrates cannot decide upon any leadership, and disband returning to their respective Clans.

Year 1142

  • As the Lying Darkness slowly tightens its grip on the Dragon lands, daimyo Kitsuki Yasu recognizes many signs of the strange evil described in the fabled journal of Kitsuki Kaagi. He dispatches a series of messengers to the High House of Light, asking Lady Hitomi to confront the danger which seems to be slowly consuming the clan. Many of the messengers fail to return; those who do are changed in sinister ways.

Year 1143

  • A terrible earthquake shakes the Imperial City Otosan Uchi.
  • After over a year of agonizing debate, Kitsuki Yasu and his followers conclude they have no choice but to leave the Dragon Clan, lest they be consumed by the Shadow. With a guilt wracked heart Yasu goes to speak privetly with his governors.


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