Shattered Empire: In the Shadows of the Dragon Mountains

Hitomi's Arrival

Dancing with Shadows

  • Everyone gained 4xp, xp count of 134.
  • Early Summer (Month of Akodo)

The Samurai of Tio Koku settle in as the spring gives way to summer. While two allies, newly weds, of Agasha Nozomi come to see her libraries, the Clan Champion comes to address the disrespect of the governor in privet. The two come to an agreement and she orders her governor to stem the blood between their allies in the south.

Meanwhile, the visiting Agasha Tsuru (husband in the newly weds) turns out to be a sinister minion of the Lying Darkness, and it tries to kill all of the local shugenja. They are able to drive it off, before it managed it’s task.

The samurai of Tio Koku are brought into the knowledge of the Lying Darkness, but they still know very little of it or its goals.


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